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The Human Component

Unlike traditional equestrian training programs, natural horsemanship teaches the rider to cultivate his relationship with—not merely his authority over—the horse.  The natural horsemanship approach teaches you how both to analyze horse behavior and to cultivate skills in creative problem-solving.

The Horse Connection

Who says horses can’t talk!  Harmony Horseman walks (in certain cases, trots, canters or gallops) you and your horse through four modes of interaction guaranteed to improve your communication—and with it, your relationship.

  • On Line – Simply playing on the ground “On Line” with ropes of varying lengths is often the most productive place to start in developing your relationship with your horse.
  • Liberty – If you were to untether your horse on the ground, you’d quickly find yourself either enjoying his company—or standing alone with the truth!  Interacting at “Liberty” demonstrates an authentic partnership between rider and horse.
  • Freestyle – Riding “Freestyle” on a loose rein incorporates the fundamentals of riding. With the fundamentals firmly in your grasp, you can pursue any recreational or competitive riding discipline.
  • Finesse – Becoming the consummate rider requires “Finesse”, which focuses on contact, precision, and vertical flexion.
Natural Horsemanship | Harmony Horseman
Harmony Horseman
The Harmony Way | Harmony Horseman

What does it really take to become one with your horse? Learn how to read your horse’s behavior, understand his psychology, and develop the habits of a horseman–everything it takes to achieve true harmony.

At Harmony Horseman, our certified instructors customize your natural horsemanship lesson plans to fit your skill level.  Whether you’re a beginner equestrian or an experienced rider, learning and practicing the different aspects of natural horsemanship will give you clarity and confidence.  Let our experts guide you as you ride toward harmony.

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