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“Before anything else,” said Alexander Graham Bell, “Preparation is the key to success.”  If you want your horse to succeed, invest in preparing him with the foundation training that he needs to get the results that you want long-term.  Using the principles of natural horsemanship, we will evaluate your horse, creating a training plan that will give him the experience and confidence he needs.  Whether you have a colt, a green horse, or an established partner needing a tune-up, Harmony Horseman will put your horse on the path to becoming a better partner for you.

Natural Horsemanship | Harmony Horseman
Harmony Horseman
Young Horse Development | Harmony Horseman

Early Development & Ground Skills

When training horses under two (2) years old, our trainers focus on preparing your horse for life.  Regardless of what discipline you will pursue with your horse down the road, he will benefit by starting with a solid foundation structured with principles of natural horsemanship.  Your colt’s customizable training path may include trailer loading, tying, obstacle training, de-spooking, and farrier/veterinarian preparation.

Colt Starting

Do you have a young horse who needs to be halter broken or started under saddle?  At Harmony Horseman, our trainers strive to make your young horse’s first experience the best possible.  Building your horse’s confidence from the very beginning, we prepare and motivate him to be a dependable partner for you.

Horse Training TuneUps | Harmony Horseman

“Green & Growing” Horses

Do you have a horse that needs more experience?  Whether you need help problem-solving or merely want a tune-up, let our licensed trainers give your green horse the experience he needs to reach your goals for him.  Using the principles of natural horsemanship, we will bring your horse along gently at a pace suitable to his personality while providing him with a strong, versatile foundation that will serve him in any discipline.

Cow Working

Do you wish your horse was more responsive to your leg? Maybe you wish your horse had better stops and faster turns? Working with a Harmony Horseman trainer, your horse will both grow more responsive to your leg and learn the basics of cow working and western performance.

  • your horse will benefit from working with Pro Cutter™, the leader in electronic horse training equipment recognized worldwide as the “ultimate mechanical cow”
  • your horse will practice flag work, gain experience tracking a cow, and learn to have confidence in the herd (when cows are available)
Harmony Horseman

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