The Riding Center | Harmony Horseman
The Riding Center | Harmony Horseman

Whether it’s winter or summer, you can enjoy riding your horse at Harmony Horseman Riding Center.  Onsite state-of-the-art riding facilities include a lighted 200′ by 120′ indoor arena with a viewing area, bathrooms, and tack room.  Make the most of pleasant weather with our outdoor honeycomb, obstacle course, and riding trails.  As a natural-horsemanship friendly barn, Harmony Horseman Riding Center is the perfect, positive and relaxed environment for you to invest in your horse’s well-being.†  Access to amenities is FREE to horse boarders and overnight pen guests.

† Harmony Horseman Riding Center is not a barn for trainers.  We like to see owners as a part of their horse’s daily lives.  If you are not invested in the well-being of your horse, Harmony Horseman is not for you. If you need training assistance to help you develop your own horsemanship skills, our certified instructor Matea Babcock is available for horse training and / or riding lessons.  See the Services & Pricing page for details.

Horse Boarding | Harmony Horseman

Harmony Horseman offers long-term horse boarding in a track system living environment, a natural approach to encouraging your horse’s health and well-being.  Track system boarding exposes your horse to varied terrain with three strategically placed water, hay, and run-in barns to keep them stimulated and active.  Since every horse is different, we are careful to place your horse in the right track for his health and social needs.  The 30 ft. x 1,742 ft.  (1/3 mi.). loop-shaped tracks include free choice salt and mineral, have an automatic water system for year-round ground temperature water, and end in a catch pen for your convenience. Once-a-day grain and health checks help your horse stay in peak condition while at Harmony Horseman.†

To help you safe-guard your horse’s well-being while in our care, Harmony Horseman Riding Center encourages you to take advantage of our add-on exercise programs.  With our Liberty Exercise or Exercise Ride sessions, you ensure that your horse gets the exercise necessary to stay healthy and happy–even when you’re not there.  So whether you want to keep your horse fit over the winter or just can’t make it out to the riding center this week, your horse will stay in tip-top condition!  For details and package discounts, see the Services & Pricing page.

* Horses must have up-to-date Coggins, vaccinations, and health certificate to be boarded on our property. Please provide your documents prior to arrival, or annually if long-term boarding.
† Additional fees may apply. Please see Services & Pricing page for details.

Track Boarding
Overnight Pens | Harmony Horseman

If you’re just visiting or passing through with your horse, our 12 ft. x 20 ft. horse pens provide a safe and convenient space overnight.* Located just off Highway 36, Harmony Horseman happily works with travelers scheduling last-minute or arriving late-night. For details on accommodations for our two-footed guests, see also Harmony Guest Suites.

* Horses must have up-to-date Coggins, vaccinations, and health certificate to be boarded on our property. Please provide your documents prior to arrival, or annually if long-term boarding.

Track Boarding
The Guest Suites | Harmony Horseman
The Harmony Horseman guest house includes 3 bed and bathroom suites to accommodate guests using our riding facilities. Available by reservation only. For your horse’s overnight stay, see also Overnight Pens.

                                                 Texas Location

At our Texas location, we offer horse training services and customized lessons. We provide specialized problem solving that meets your horse training needs and allows you to learn how to successfully continue with your horse’s development. Our facilities inculde an outdoor arena and 6 stall barn. 

Horse Training

Outlining your goals and offering specfic problem solving techiques, we strive to meet your needs. We don’t offer quick fix solutions. Rather we go at the horse’s pace and work to develop him into a dependable partner for you. During his stay, your horse will be kept in a 12’x12′ stall and be provided with quailty hay, grain, and water. (*You provide any supplements needed.) At the end of training, we impower you with the knowledge you need to maintain and continue your horse’s development.


Take your skills with horses to the next level! Whether you are a beginner or working fine tune your simple leads changes, we have the help you need. As a horse development specialist, Matea can offer you practical problem solving solutions and help you grow your partnership with your horse. 

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