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Take your skills with your horse to the next level! Whether you are a beginner or working on fine tuning your flying lead changes, we have the tools you need. As a horse development specialist, Matea can offer you practical problem solving solutions and help you grow your partnership with your horse. Customize your lessson to get specific issues addressed or let us challenge you in new ways to boost your skill level. This is the one-one help you have been looking for.

 What does it really take to become one with your horse? Learn how to read your horse’s behavior, understand his psychology, and develop the habits of a horseman – everything it takes to achieve true harmony.  

Rider Biomechanics | Harmony Horseman
Harmony Horseman

Forge your Path to Confidence in the Saddle

We know how challenging it can be to find your confidence in the saddle. Achieving harmony between you and your horse is built through these elements. First, building a connection and relationship with your horse. Trust and communicaton are critical to your success. Next is finding balance, and a riding position that works for you. Simple changes in your riding position can make you feel safer and more secure in the saddle. With a trained eye on your side, you will walk away with the clarity and confidence you need to continue at home. Lastly, is your confidence as a rider. Whether you have had a bad experience or you feel nervous as a beginner, you will want to learn from someone who understands and can help you through the process. Confidence is tricky to build and maintain, but with our expertise, we will give you the knowledge and tactics to improve it.

At Harmony Horseman, we customize your riding lesson to fit your skill level.  Whether you’re a beginner equestrian or an experienced rider, learning and practicing the different elements of correct rider position will help guide you as you ride toward harmony.






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