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The Challenge in Two Systems

When you ride, two biomechanical systems, each functioning independently, influence each other.  Achieving harmony in that interaction requires that you understand not only the movement of the horse, but also that of the rider. The rider plays the critical role in channeling the dynamic of the two—horse and rider—into one harmonious unit.

The Solution in Rider Biomechanics

Rather than focusing primarily on the horse, our rider biomechanics embraces the idea that harmony results only when the rider has trained his body to engage the horse’s unique movement. Only then can the rider channel their combined physical forces into unified motion.  Just as the horse develops the strength and flexibility to carry his rider in consistent engagement, the rider must also develop skills that condition his body—and guide his horse toward harmonic engagement.

Rider Biomechanics | Harmony Horseman
Harmony Horseman
The Harmony Way | Harmony Horseman

Not knowing which part of your body should be doing what is incredibly frustrating. But to develop the delightful ability to fully engage your horse takes more than a field guide.  You need to know not only what steps to take in training your body, but also in what order—so that eventually everything comes together in the right way.

At Harmony Horseman, our certified instructors customize your rider biomechanics lesson plans to fit your skill level.  Whether you’re a beginner equestrian or an experienced rider, learning and practicing the different elements of correct rider biomechanics will give you clarity and confidence.  Let our experts guide you as you ride toward harmony.






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